Matabanick Cottages on Boshkung Lake

What to do at Matabanick......


The Gamesroom -Our games room is nestled in the boathouse on the beach. Come down to play a game of  'Ping-Pong, challenge someone in a 'game of Pool', or borrow a board game for a night of fun and games, or simply grab a book or magazine from the book shelf to curl up and read for the evening.

·     The Boathouse- take a romantic walk down to the beach, and find a spot on the dock in front of the boathouse to watch the sunset or listen to the loons by the tranquility of Boshkung Lake. There is a games room where guests are welcome to play a game of pool or ping-pong, or sign-out a board game (eg. Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, etc.)  If you require paddles for the canoes please see the owner.

      **FYI- For your safety; There is a private workshop in right half of the boathouse that we use for fixing boats, and for general repairs that is private, and is a restricted area to guests .There is a sign that shows this designated area as restricted and private. **

·         The Campfire pits- We have 2 campfire pits at the Matabanick. Both by the lake-side. Come down to enjoy a night of marshmallow roasting, and friendly conversation around the campfire. All children MUST be accompanied and supervised by a parent at all times around the campfire.

 Please note:  some safety and by-laws regarding campfires


* As  per burning by-laws- No burning before 7:30PM.


*Fireworks are NOT permitted on our property. AT ALL AT ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON


*Please use only plastic cups around our campfire, no glass items.  


Please take all items brought to the campfire pit area back to your cottage at the end of your evening here. (i.e. matches, lighters, cups, wrappers, food, bottles, garbage)


   The Sauna- The sauna is located in the shower-house. It is for adult use only. Please see your host for key to access this locked facility. Simply turn on the heat, and enjoy this luxurious amenity.



*     The Beach- Our prime beach front is one of the largest on the lake. It boasts a soft sandy entrance from the beachfront right into the water; there are is no seaweed or rocks to climb over or slip on when getting into the water from the beach- just beautiful sand for over 700 metres off shore.  It it perfectly situated to receive both morning and evening sunshine. It is safe, sandy and perfect for children to build sandcastles and run into the water to paddle around in, and swim.


         ALL children MUST be accompanied and supervised by their parents at all times anywhere on the property, but especially on the beach, and anywhere near the water. There is no Lifeguard.